Nicole Heinrichs

1st May 2017

You sent out the challenge and Kyle went from 9 division last Friday to FINISHING HIS 30 SECOND CLUB this Friday!!!! In a week!!! I couldn’t be more proud of his hard work! He didn’t know if he could do it, but he went for it, head down and finished! Thank you for the challenge and encouragement. We were remembering the beginning of the year when he was in tears over finishing his 2’s in 2 minutes. It seemed impossible to finish the 2 min. club. And now to have accomplished this?! 30 seconds?! So awesome! What a great foundation in math and great confidence he has and also an awesome life lesson in that we can accomplish great things with Christ and with hard work! Thank you again!

Paradise Valley Christian Preparatory

19th May 2014

MDM’s positive effects are numerous. It allows students to work at their own pace. The bright students can move ahead as fast as they can go, yet the slower students are still in the game and feel a part of the action. It also provides accountability by requiring each student to practice daily. It gives a true picture of each student’s mastery in multiplication and division. It provides the students with quick retrieval skills of the facts when they are doing daily work and during tests. Several students have commented on how quickly they can get their daily math assignments done because they know their facts. As the students move from the 2 Minute Club to the 1 Minute Club to the 30 Second Club they feel a sense of accomplishment and are motivated to keep practicing. We can’t imagine […]

Candice Ramirez (and Angel)

19th May 2014

Thanks to Mad Dog Math, my son, who is a sixth grader at a public school, is in honors math! I believe with all my heart that the equipping of good math skills he received in third grade using Mad Dog Math has given him the confidence and skills to achieve higher levels of learning. Using this methods to acquire the basic math facts will give your child a greater learning advantage.

Marsha Elliott, Teacher for 36 years

19th May 2014

I have used this excellent, easy-to-use math program with fifth graders, and now with adult ESL students. Both thoroughly enjoyed learning their facts this way. It’s fun to have so many smiles.

Joyce Lingren, Stoneybrooke Christian School

29th Apr 2014

We had our first “Mad Dog Math Day” with indoor and outdoor activities centered around math. We had a “steal the bone game” outdoors in which lines of first graders tried to be the first to steal the bone if the number problem ended up with their number. We had a variety of indoor math activities. We also had “Mad dog chow” and munchies at the end of the day. Corn Dogs helped with the dog theme for a snack. Students wore long dog-like ears with their own dog name which became their name for the day. One student’s mom reported he wore the ears home and all evening kept them on until bedtime. He even wore them out shopping with his mother. The students loved it and behavior problems were at a minimum.

Mrs. Cohen, Teacher (PHCS)

29th Apr 2014

Because Mad Dog Math is part of my children’s daily routine, neither of them struggle with their math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Thanks to Mad Dog Math, Angelica (7th grade) and Reagan (2nd grade) are performing beyond their math skill levels. As an Educator: My 27 students had exceptional math skills (multiplication and division facts) when they came to 4th grade because they were exposed to Mad Dog Math in 3rd grade. Fourth grade math was easy for most of them and SAT scores in math were way above average. Mad Dog Math Works!