Mad Dog Math – For School District Use

Mad Dog Math provides a strong foundation to teach Math

A WORD TO ALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PRINCIPALS AND MATH HEADS OF SCHOOL DISTRICTS: America is in an educational crisis. In the 1980s we were number 1 in the world in education. Today we are 24th in math in the world, yet we spend more money on education than any other nation. We must take a look at WHAT we are teaching and HOW we are teaching math, especially in our elementary classrooms. Here is where a strong foundation must be laid. What empowers and enables students to continue on into higher levels of math in elementary school and on into middle and high school? IT STARTS WITH THE BASIC FACTS! It’s not complicated. The mastery of the facts has been neglected as unimportant and this must be turned around.

Mad Dog Math is a successful mastery system

Mad Dog Math goes beyond theory-based ideas that may be popular and fun and instead focuses on what really works. Sometimes the best, most effective teaching methods are not in vogue, nor are they easy. As a 30-year educator, I know that teaching is just plain hard work. Mad Dog Math was developed to make my job in the classroom easier. It will make your life easier, as well, and make you more effective by giving you tools to give your students so they succeed. Isn’t that what it is all about? You will be thrilled to watch your students blossom into mathematicians as you equip them with the basic facts that make it all possible. Please let us know about your successes because you will have them!

Mad Dog Math allows different students to progress at their own pace

Mastery of the basic math facts in all processes (+, -, x, and ÷) is the foundation for student success in math. If students are not fluent in them, they limp through math at best from about the third grade on. Put a teacher-developed and teacher-tested math facts mastery system to work for you and your students. Mad Dog Math can be implemented immediately. All the thinking and work has been done for you. Mad Dog Math has been refined over a thirty-year period and everything you need is included in a comprehensive program on downloadable mastery PDFs or in hard copy binder-form. Once you use Mad Dog Math, you’ll wonder why you bothered with any other method. See why hundreds of teachers would agree that this is the best system out there because it works and is built for student success.

  • Proven success at raising standardized math test scores
  • Promotes math proficiency
  • Ignites a love for math in students
  • Gives students the ability to do their daily math worksheet faster
  • Gives students the confidence in their ability to DO math


Mad Dog Math can be implemented immediately

Mad Dog Math teaches the basic facts in a fun, challenging, motivating, and exciting way that every child will love. It was developed by a desperate classroom teacher and refined into a powerful system that any school or school district can successfully implement.

Mad Dog Math is recommended for K-6th grades

It is recommended that Mad Dog Math be used in every Kindergarten through 6th grade classroom the first year it is adopted. Once your school or district has used it for several consecutive years, then continue implementing it in Kindergarten through 4th grade. An after-school Mad Dog Math program would then be necessary for all your new 5th and 6th graders who are not fluent in their facts. May be used with remedial middle and high schoolers. It’s as simple as that. We want our students to LOVE math and excel at it. Like reading, it is a necessary life skill. Mad Dog Math will change the hearts of our students toward math for a lifetime. Our students deserve it!

Who should look into Mad Dog Math?

  • Kindergarten through 6th grade teachers
  • Curriculum coordinators
  • Multi-age primary teachers
  • Resource teachers
  • Title 1/Chapter 1 staff
  • Principals
  • Remedial middle school and high school teachers
  • Student teachers
  • District superintendents

Mad Dog Math includes everything you need for successful implementation


  • Dear Teacher Letter- thanking you for purchasing our product
  • What You Need to Gather Before You Start- tells you exactly how to set up the program in your classroom and how to get started
  • Overview of the Program- gives you specifics in a nutshell
  • Directions for Students When Taking and Correcting Mad Dog Math- specific directions for students to help your 10 minute daily practice session run smoothly
  • Directions to Teachers When Correcting Mad Dog Math- specific directions for teachers to run this 10 minute segment of class efficiently
  • Preparing Mad Dog Math for the Next Day- specific directions on how to chart each student’s progress (it’s easy!) and how to pull each student’s drill for the next day
  • Classroom Progress Chart- teacher’s handy chart showing students’ progress at a glance
  • Dear Parent Letter- written for you to give to your parents explaining Mad Dog Math and how it works. When parents have an understanding of what you are doing in the classroom, they are more apt to help at home.
  • Ideas for Parents at Home- if a student get “stuck” on a family, there are several ideas that will help him and move him forward to the next family
  • +/- OR x/÷ Math Families (depending on the mastery program) – all the families covered in your mastery program. Students will need these at home for practice.
  • Mad Dog Math Chart- gives the order of the daily drills so the student knows exactly what comes next
  • “A” Practice Drills
  • “B” Practice Drills
  • “A” Keys
  • “B” Keys

Mad Dog Math has additional math aids to encourage students

MAD DOG MATH has additional aids to help encourage and motivate students while making life easier for teachers. These include:

  • Student Certificates- students cherish them; celebrates their successes
  • Flash Cards- self-correcting; 2 processes come in each box
  • Mad Dog Math Timer- counts backward (or forward) for precise timing
  • Mad Dog Math-at Home-software download from our website for your classroom computers of for student’s computer at home
  • Downloadable Mastery PDFs- all mastery programs available in this format; PDFs are exactly the same as the binder hard copy


  • Successfully helps ALL students master their math facts from Kindergarten through 6th grade; may be used remedially for middle or high schoolers
  • Program comes with easy-to-use classroom progress chart that can be used for assessment at a glance
  • Certificates available to celebrate student success
  • Mad Dog Math flash cards are available for classroom and/or home practice
  • Software is available for individual classrooms, networked in your school’s computer lab, or encouraged for a student’s computer for at-home use
  • Individualized so students progress at their own rate; no one is held back and no one is left behind
  • Standard daily routine takes 10 minutes a day
  • Specific directions to chart, track, and stay organized
  • Teachers, parents, and students LOVE it