Mad Dog Math – For Home School Use

Parents can get involved with their children’s education

Parents, whether your child is enrolled in a private, public, or charter school or you are home schooling, you are ultimately responsible for your child’s education. Do you KNOW how important it is for your child to learn his basic +, -, x, and ÷ facts in grades K-5th grade? Please don’t assume the acquisition of these facts will happen by default or osmosis. It takes purposeful practice, hard work, and determination to master them. By mastery, I mean that he knows these facts as well as he knows his own name. THAT IS MASTERY. America is in an educational crisis. Twenty years ago we were ranked number one in education in the world. Today we are ranked 24th in the world in math. We must take a serious look at WHAT is being taught and HOW math is being taught, especially in our elementary school classrooms! There is no math curriculum to my knowledge with a math facts mastery component to it. For some reason, math facts are not considered important anymore and are almost completely ignored, to our shame and to our detriment.

Children become fluent in the basic math facts

There is almost universal agreement that the basic facts must be mastered for children to continue on to higher levels of math. By higher levels I mean long division, fractions, decimals, per cents, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry…it goes on and on. Once a child is fluent in his facts, his brain is open to receive instruction in those higher levels of math. As a 30-year educator working with kindergarteners through 6th graders, their success in math depends on being fluent in the basic facts. By fluent, I mean, without hesitation, automatic, without thought. Think about it this way. When your child is asked his name, he doesn’t hesitate or even have to think first before he answers. It is automatic. Just as he can give his name automatically, he is fluent in his facts when he can answer without the least bit of thought.

Other benefits

  • Proven success at raising standardized math test scores
  • Promotes math proficiency
  • Ignites a love for math in children
  • Gives children the ability to do their daily math worksheet faster
  • Gives children the confidence in their ability to DO math


Mad Dog Math is a successful system that can be used at home

Mad Dog Math has been used in my classroom for over 25 years with incredible results. Because it is a system, it has worked for every teacher who has used it in his or her classroom, as well. Because it is a system, it will work for you at home and has been modified specifically for home use. Mad Dog Math is for you if you are a home school parent or if your child is enrolled in a school but not necessarily receiving this crucial instruction.

Mad Dog Math has taken the basic facts and has broken them down into bite-sized pieces that any child can master. Your child progresses through a series of timed practice sheets at his own pace. If he passes, he moves on to the next. If not, he takes the same one again until he passes. There is always that drive to pass to the next one and then the next and so your child is very motivated to move forward and succeed. With this success comes confidence and with confidence comes more success. Children, for the first time, feel empowered by their gained knowledge and are not intimidated by math ever again. Where they once said, “I hate math; math is hard” they now say, “Math is easy; math is fun!”

Mad Dog Math gives quick daily practices for children

Mad Dog Math practice takes as little as 10 minutes a day. You have the flexibility to do these 10 minutes any time of the day-not just at math time. There is always room for Mad Dog Math. In no time at all, your child will be saving time each day on his math work page because it is no longer a struggle, and you will be reaping the benefits, as well. No more nagging, screaming, and pulling your hair out! You will be thrilled to watch your child blossom into a mathematician as you equip him with the basic facts that make it all possible. Please let us know about your successes because you will have them!

Mad Dog Mad program includes everything you need for successful implementation

Mad Dog Math comes in binder-form or downloadable mastery PDFs for easy handling. It includes everything you need with extensive directions and suggestions for successful implementation. Included in the mastery program is:

  • Dear Parent Letter- thanking you for purchasing our product
  • What You Need to Gather Before You Start- tells you exactly how to set up the program in your home setting and how to get started
  • Overview of the Program- gives you the specifics in a nutshell
  • Daily Routine- specific 1, 2, 3 step plan for daily implementation
  • Ideas for Parents- if your child gets “stuck” on a family, there are several ideas that will help him and move him forward to the next family
  • Progress Chart- child keeps track of his own progress
  • +/- OR x/÷ Math Families (depending on the mastery program) – all the families covered in your mastery program; your child will need these at home for practice.
  • Mad Dog Math Order Chart- gives the order of the daily drills so your child knows exactly what comes next
  • “A” Practice Drills
  • “B” Practice Drills
  • “A” Keys
  • “B” Keys

Mad Dog Math offers different aids to motivate your child

There is an array of Mad Dog Math aids to help encourage and motivate your child while making life easier for you. These include:

  • Flash Cards- self-correcting; two processes come in each box
  • Mad Dog Math Timer- counts backward (or forward) for precise timing
  • Subscription- Mad Dog Math- ANYWHERE, online game for daily practice
  • Downloadable mastery PDFs- all mastery programs available in this format; exactly the same as the binder hard copy